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Image Job Maintenance
The service is used to download ‘images’ of seismogram plots and helicorders, tremor graphs or images from static web cams, or of course the ‘Pooch Of The Day’ picture from your favourite doggy web site. In other words any image that changes regularly and which you wish to maintain a copy of on your computer.

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Some of these image jobs can be very complex if the image you need is dated and not directly referenced from the web page it is sited on. Take for example the earthquake map for Vatnajokull in Iceland.

Vatnajokul map

If you look at the web page (click the image above) and right click to get the image location you will see that it is (for example)

If you look at the top of the web page however you will see that it is Nothing like the image location. But not to worry, I have taken care of this for you and there is a special VEDUR image job (and quake job) and you can load these from a file that I provide so they are all set up ready for you.

Select Add… then Image Plots/Jobs from File


This is a sample set of what you will see:


A job entered from this list is ready to just click on save changes and that is it.

To add an image manually click Add… and select New Manual Image/Plot job… from the menu

You will then see the following entry box:

Enter a name for the job e.g “Magnetometer” and click OK

Spaces and !£$%^&*()_+=-[]{}'@#~|,.?/ characters are not permitted in the job name

Once you have entered the name the screen will be enabled and the buttons on the bar will change:

If you change your mind justclick the Cancel button on the bar. Now you will have to add all the details required. If we carry on with the Gakona example you need to find the image URL. First go to the Gakona Induction Magnetometer page. If the standard is what you wish to download go to the next step, otherwise set the image up as you want it.

When you have it, right click and get the image location or URL. For details of the different browser methods see Locating an image URL (new tab/page)

For the standard induction magnetometer display it is:

This is perfect as it is an image already and you can use that address as it is. Paste this into the Base URL box and tick the ‘Base URL contains name and file type’ box.

For a straightforward job like this all that remain is to set the output folder, the output name prefix and the frequency.

The prefix should be in the first prefix field.

You can use the calculator to set the lapse time which as to be in seconds. The calculator allows you to enter this in hours and minutes.

The completed form would look like this:

Click ‘Save Changes’ and the details will be stored in your config database. Remember that this new job will not start until the image service is stopped and restarted. You can check it is there however by looking at the Image Service page.

You can also get assistance in making an entry for an IRIS seismogram. Click on IRIS seismo plot in the Add menu dropdown. Before doing this it would be useful to have the details of the station you want to add. You need the station code, the network, the location if any, and the channel. If as an example you wished to keep a record of the SNZO siesmo in New Zealand you would need SNZO for the station, IU for the network, 00 for the location and LHZ or BHZ or even VHZ for the channel, or any other available channel.

IRIS plot entry page

Enter the elements and then click on the test button. I have made it so you have to test the entry before you can save it

If there is a problem you may get a blank page or my error message.

By changing the options button on the top of the form you can store an MSEED plot image instead of the seismogram, just as you can in the Webicorder Viewer. Once you have tested the OK button becomes available and you can complete the entries for output folder, the output name prefix and the frequency. You probably won’t need a prefix in this instance as the name of the file gives all the information.

IRIS get plot 5

At this point it is probably worth noting that the program strips out the file name and adds the dat and time UTC to the file name. The file name in this case is


so the name of a download would be for example


I may change the program to allow the prefix to become a replacement as this name is rather inelegant although functional.

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